Button Fox goes beyond fabric and thread, and that's where Frayed Ally comes into play.

What is Frayed Ally?

A party card game filled with deduction, strategy, and explosive misfortune! Unleash your inner animal and fight for survival with 3-6+ players.

Don the cloak of a random, crafty character, each with their own unique quirks that can be used at pivotal moments to outlast your adversaries. Action cards can be used to your advantage to boost your defences and enhance your offense, but beware of traps hidden within the deck.

Will you claw your way to the top and be the last one standing, or will the hidden traps unravel your carefully crafted plans? The path to victory lies within the paws of the craftiest Frayed Ally.



  • Fast, Frantic Fun!

    "Friendships frayed, friendships saved! Frayed Ally is fast, frantic fun with anthropomorphic animals battling it out on the mean streets of Sewer City at Uno-like speed and intensity. What's not to like?" - The Tuesday Review

  • 'Jump-in' Style of Gameplay

    "I especially resonated with the 'jump-in' style of gameplay, trying to steal the kill away from other players. I also liked the simplicity of the game and how fast-paced it was."- Angus (Game Tester)

  • Cute, eloquent, and strategically timed!

    "Got to playtest this at PAX AUS. It's a great little game that has more depth than you might initially think. The battle royale aspect has never been so cute, eloquent, and strategically timed!" - Alex (Level Up Dice)

  • Fun and Easy to Grasp

    "The art style is amazing, and the gameplay is very fun and easy to pick up. Mystery and strategy in finding out who the villain is make each game very different. Bombs also give off a bit of an exploding kitten vibe and spice up the game very nicely." - Thomas (Game Tester)

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